Rainwater Tanks & Pumps

Water is precious. For peace of mind you need the right solution for your situation.

We supply a tank range and water solutions products to assist in the efficient collection and maintenance of your water supply. Significant economic, social and environmental benefits can be achieved by using rainwater. When using the best and safest products, you can be assured of a safe, economical and sustainable source of quality water.

Rainwater Tanks

Our rainwater tank products are quality polyethylene tanks, designed and built to last in tough Australian conditions and made right here in Queensland.


These tanks are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, styles and colours to meet your specific needs and complement your home.

Water Pumps

Quality, reliability, innovation, tough and value for money. Designed and manufactured by a world leader in pumping technology and innovation.


Proudly supported with service, 2 year warranty, and spare parts by Clayton Engineering.


Choose from premium quality Pressure Systems designed to supply water to the Australian house. These systems have been designed and manufactured by a world leader in Pressure Systems. 


We have products to assist you in the safe collection, storage and distribution of rainwater from the roof, for use inside and outside the home or business. Ask us about the range of accessories and fittings available.

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