There has never been a better time to renovate!

Our clients love where they are living and are coming to the realisation that they can’t easily replace their property. As circumstances change and families expand and contract, we require very different needs from our home. But why move from an area that you feel connected to and go through the costly exercise of starting afresh, when you can simply renovate or rebuild to suit this new lifestyle?


We are experiencing many requests for renovations and re-building work. People are becoming more confident to invest more into their property as house values are retaining their value and even increasing in some circumstances.


As people have established some equity in their homes they are able to spend accordingly on their renovation, knowing that moving would be a far more costly exercise. In highly sought-after areas there is less risk of overcapitalising when renovating.


Unique Builders offer the following types of renovation work:


  • modernising homes, for example key areas such as kitchens and bathrooms;

  • extending size of a dwelling by either adding more bedrooms or living space;

  • raising the house to build underneath;

  • adding a second storey for extra bedroom/living/parents’ retreat;

  • building a stand-alone granny-flat;

  • building new decks or extending existing decks and patio areas for more dedicated entertainment areas;

  • incorporating dedicated barbecue/pizzas areas in outdoor spaces;

  • opening up internal spaces to allow better integration between spaces;

  • linking inside and outside spaces for all-weather living.


The overall result allows people increased enjoyment of their lives.


Renovations or additions involve extending or restructuring your existing home



  • A good option if you like your current location

  • If your home is in a popular area there is less risk of over capitalising

  • Usually cheaper than buying or building a new home

  • You may not need to relocate during minor renovations

  • A well-planned renovation can match all requirements of a new house

  • For character homes, you can retain period features whilst modernising facilities

  • Modernising your home will make it more energy efficient and easier to maintain



  • May not match your exact requirements

  • You must work within constraints of existing building and land

  • May be more difficult to contain costs


In some instances, where renovating is not the best option, rather than trying to fix an unworkable floor plan or update a sub-standard building by extending or raising an existing house, it can be easier and cheaper to start with a clean slate. Rebuilding allows people to choose a new home design to suit their needs, rather than trying to modernise an older home.


We are experts at what we do


We are a professional independent building company and we will provide you with all the advice and assistance you need to keep your project on track and guide you through the various stages. We understand building can be seen as a costly and stressful process. However, as a professional independent builder, we ask you to entrust your project to us.


We are experts at what we do. We have successfully completed many and varied renovations and extensions as well as new builds. Our (high quality) work has been recognised in a number of building awards – (HIA Award for New Home up to $1mill; QMBA Award for Renovation up to $275,000; QMBA Award for Excellence in Building for Queensland’s Climate) – and first and foremost it’s the final result we produce for you, our clients, to ensure you are truly satisfied with your new home. If you are new to building or simply don’t want the hassles, you certainly need someone to walk you through the project and manage it from start to finish, with the peace of mind that you can leave it to someone who is looking after your needs.


Make sure you contact us to discuss the full range of services we can provide.

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