Waste Water Systems

Delivering powerful solutions for your waster water treatment requirements.

We are agents for wastewater treatment systems manufactured in Queensland and providing unparalleled water treatment quality. These systems meet all relevant Queensland State Government requirements and are fully certified to the Australian Standard (AS1546.1).

What system is right for you?

We can provide a domestic treatment system to meet any particular requirement, from septic, to Secondary class and Advanced Secondary class.


Additional nutrient removal measures can also be incorporated for those areas of a highly sensitive environmental nature. 


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Water Quality

When it comes to treating household wastewater (both grey and black water), Q WasteWater systems are proven performers.


The Advanced and Advanced Plus systems consistently convert raw wastewater into treated water that is more than suitable for above and below ground irrigation purposes.


As well as effectively and efficiently dealing with household wastewater, a Q WasteWater system provides an environmentally-friendly solution for keeping lawns and gardens green and lush all year round.

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